Former Mandan Junior High School being renovated for affordable housing

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MANDAN, N.D. - The former Mandan Junior High School is being renovated into affordable family housing.

The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, which means the schools amenities will be preserved during the renovations.

This school building won't be packed with students, but it still looks like classes could still be in session.

"That's important because it means they're going to preserve the integrity of the building and the historical aspects of it," said Business Development Director Ellen Huber.

The lockers at the school are being preserved to keep the history of the building alive.

"It'll certainly be fun for those, the people that attended that school, to go there from time to time to take a look at the way it once looked," said former superintendent Wilfred Volesky.

The classrooms will be turned into 39 housing units for income qualified families.

"The most important part will be getting this building fixed up so that it's an asset to this neighborhood," said Huber.

"This seems like an ideal fit for the community of Mandan. So I'm very pleased that it's something that's going forward," said Volesky.

It will cost $7 million to rehabilitate the building.

"Affordable housing is key to attracting the workforce to our metro-area that we need to fill the hundreds of available jobs and businesses that need to grow and new businesses need to open," said Huber.

So far, Huber has been getting great feedback from the community about the re-purposing of the school.

The Historic Apartments on 4th Street will have a playground, daycare, and a recreational room.

The apartments are hoping to be finished late next year.