Former BPD officer requests federal trial for gender discrimination

BISMARCK, N.D. - The former Bismarck Police Department officer who claims gender discrimination has filed a federal lawsuit and is requesting a jury trial.

The case was filed two weeks ago against the City of Bismarck and former Bismarck Police Chief Dan Donlin.

In the complaint, Robyn Krile says she was discriminated against because of her gender during her tenure at the police department.

Krile was employed by the City for 14 years before she was fired from BPD in March of 2017.

Krile says she was prevented from getting the lieutenant position on multiple occasions because of promotion procedures being changed or what she calls a scheme to avoid putting a female in that position.

Krile filed a complaint with the Department of Labor in January of 2017 and in March amended it to include retaliation.

Documents say in March she was fired from the PD because of claims that she lied in investigation reports and couldn’t be used a prosecution witness.

She claims the department didn’t conduct an internal investigation to verify the situation. BPD reported her to the Peace Officer Standards and Training Board.

The POST Board unanimously voted that Krile hadn’t provided false testimony or misleading information. Her case was dismissed.

The complaint says Krile has had trouble gaining a full-time law enforcement position because her file still reflects the claims that she lied and is untrustworthy.

In December, Krile was hired at the Lincoln Police Department part time.

Donlin and the City of Bismarck have until March 4th to respond to the lawsuit.

The attorney representing them, Randall Bakke says their time to respond to the lawsuit hasn’t yet expired, but they’ll be responding in a timely fashion.

“We intend to vigorously defend the claims,” said Bakke. “We believe that the city’s termination was entirely appropriate.”

Bakke says it is important to note that Krile has made similar claims to the Department of Labor and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission but they’ve been dismissed.