For Belle's Sake Rescue hosts first dog friendly 5K

MINOT, N.D. - Back in November we introduced you to For Belle's Sake Rescue and Rehabilitation. The animal shelter is hosting its very first dog-friendly 5K. Meghan von Behren brings us more.

Pups like Carla and Fancy have a chance at a better life thanks to For Belle's Sake.

Later this month the shelter is hosting a 5K.

"We wanted to raise awareness for the shelter within the community. It is a smaller shelter and it is outside of the city limits, it is in Sawyer. So a lot of people have never heard of us so we wanted to raise awareness for that and also to fundraise for the shelter,” said Krissi Abbott, a volunteer with For Belle’s Sake.

The Bird family rescues dogs and cats and helps find them their forever home.

"Minot kind of has an overcrowding, everywhere in the US does. About six to seven million dogs every year are put into US shelters and sometimes not even half of those are adopted every year,” said Abbott.

It's not just dogs that are affected. In the spring time especially cats Tibbers and O'Malley end up needing a home, too.

"It is important we get people involved not only for fundraising but so that they know where to go if they ever need help with their pets and also they know where they can adopt from and volunteer and things like that,” says Krissi Abbott.

Helping raise awareness and save the lives of even more animals in our community.

The 5K will take place on June 29th starting at noon. You can sign up now until race day but if you register before Saturday you get a T-shirt. The funds raised will go towards the shelters general fund, but they hope to use some of the money to start their low-cost spay and neuter clinic back up. You can find the link to register attached to this story on the right side of the page.