Food truck frenzy in Williston

Published: May. 16, 2019 at 9:21 PM CDT
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People are moving to Williston from all over the world because of the opportunities they see in the food industry here.

The Bahar brothers, originally from Turkey, opened their Istanbul Doner food truck on Tuesday.

Mustafa ran a restaurant in Austria for 30 years, then moved to California for several months.

The brothers have friends who live in Williston that recommended moving here, so a year ago Yasar moved from Turkey, and Mustafa moved from California to bring Williston a new food experience.

They say they prefer this city over other places they've lived. Since opening their food truck, they've have had more customers than they expected, and are hoping to eventually open a restaurant.

Now that the weather is nice, City Director of Development Services Mark Schneider says they've received four or five food truck applications within the last couple weeks, so hopefully that means more variety for people in Williston.

"That kind of defines quality of life for some people to have the option to eat somewhere else," said Schneider.

The city passed a food truck ordinance two years ago, and some food truck owners have taken issue with fees, and restrictions on locations and hours of operation.

Schneider says some do have good points.

"The city has discussed, and the food truck ordinance committee has discussed as to whether we should go back and revisit some of these ordinances, but we are still in discussion as far as that goes," said Schneider.

He says if you have questions on opening your own food truck, go to City Hall and talk with Bren, who can give you information on the application process.

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