Florida trooper leaps onto median wall to escape skidding vehicle

Dashcam video shows a car nearly crushing a Florida Highway Patrol trooper on the side of the...
Dashcam video shows a car nearly crushing a Florida Highway Patrol trooper on the side of the highway. (Source: WSVN/Florida Highway Patrol/CNN)(GIM)
Published: May. 15, 2019 at 2:02 AM CDT
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Dashcam video captured the moment a Florida Highway Patrol trooper quickly reacted to a car heading his way.

For FTP Trooper Jeremy Medastin, Monday started out as a normal, rainy day on the job.

"The trooper was dispatched to a two-vehicle crash on I-95 southbound south of Woolbright,” said Lt. Alvaro Feola of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Medastin pulled over and spoke to the drivers of both cars involved in the accident. Dashcam video shows him walking back to his cruiser when suddenly a car loses control.

"There's a vehicle that got on I-95 to travel south, and apparently due to the weather condition, the driver lost control and the vehicle veered towards the wall," Feola said.

But Medastin reacted quickly, lifting himself onto the wall on the side of the expressway.

"He sees the vehicle coming towards the wall, and he did an excellent reaction to kind of jump towards the wall, because if not, I don't know how things would've turned out,” Feola said.

Dashcam video shows the car clipping Medastin’s foot.

The trooper had to be helped back to his cruiser, where paramedics assessed his injuries before taking him to the hospital.

Although he was left with a broken ankle after the crash, it could have been worse had it not been for his last-minute decision.

He has since been released from the hospital and is at home recovering.

"We're lucky that nobody else got hurt,” Feola said. “It could've been a lot worse, especially if the vehicle goes towards the other vehicles that were part of the crash. And we're also very lucky that our trooper's alive."

The driver that hit the trooper was cited for driving too fast for the conditions.

A report also noted that the driver’s tire treads were low and may have caused the car to hydroplane into the median wall.

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