Flooding at Standing Rock Reservation

STANDING ROCK, N.D. - The Standing Rock reservation is dealing with flooding in several areas. One family has been displaced in the Solen area so far, while water is being pumped away from other residential areas.

Water is rushing across the roadways all over the Standing Rock Reservation, as tributaries from the Missouri River rise.

Tribal officials continuing to monitor these situations, water getting close to homes and going over roadways.

“It's building up on both sides so we're seeing some roads that are being shut down because of the culverts icing up underneath,” said Water Resources Director Doug Crow Ghost.

Some of the areas being watched closely include this area around Solen, as well as Shields and places south of Fort Yates.

“There's residents along those areas, the ranchers that we have to monitor and they need to be prepared to move at a moment’s notice,” said Chairman Mike Faith.

Crow Ghost says the Bureau of Indian Affairs is providing more than 4,000 pounds of sandbags, on top of what the tribe has right now.

“We have our own sandpits here on standing rock that we're going to be taking sand to the communities putting it in the middle of the communities and then giving our communities sandbags,” said Crow Ghost.

Faith says officials will continue to meet each morning to monitor the levels of the river and what other measures need to be taken.

The Cannonball River, which hits flood stage at 10 feet, is over 14 feet right now, and is expected to rise several more feet by Thursday.