Flood walls taking shape in Minot eight years after the flood

Published: Jun. 25, 2019 at 2:38 PM CDT
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The Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Plan broke ground in many places throughout the Souris River valley this year.

Now, folks are finally starting to see the investment coming to fruition in downtown Minot.

Flood protection work really ramped up this summer near the Broadway Bridge, but now you might start to notice traffic patterns changing as construction starts to take shape above ground.

In May, traffic on the bridge cut down to one lane in each direction on the northbound side. That shifted to the southbound side of the bridge early Tuesday morning.

“It's just getting the driving surface and the base built, give the concrete time to cure out, and then it will be able to be open to traffic fully,” said Minot Public Works Director Dan Jonasson.

Jonasson says all four lanes should be open within three to five weeks.

But what he says is most eye-catching is the above-ground work on the flood wall.

“There's finally still something there for the public to see that flood control is getting done in this area of Minot. It's always exciting to see something above ground that people are going to be looking at for years to come,” Jonasson said.

The concrete floor of the pump station on the west side of the bridge is also being poured on Wednesday.

On the eighth anniversary of the day the Souris River reached its highest water levels during the 2011 flood, the vision of protecting the Magic City is starting to look like a reality.

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