Flood plan updates for construction happening in Minot

MINOT, N.D. - Parts of the Souris River Flood Control Plan are running behind schedule as we head into the winter months.

Phase MI-1 is reported to be six-months behind schedule, which includes the pump station near Broadway and levee construction on 3rd St. A water line that needed to be moved is the primary cause for the delay.

Levee construction on phases two and three, however, are six-months ahead of schedule.

As the temperatures get colder, the public should expect less outdoor construction, but for work on the two water pumps in Minot to continue.

“Broadway pump station, of course, that's about a $20 million piece of infrastructure. There will be activity there all winter long. Likewise, the Perkett pump station that is near Perkett School, that is part of phase two of the project. That will be progressing through the winter as well,” said Ryan Ackerman, Ackerman-Estvold.

Ackerman also reported that 16th St. will have significant traffic interruptions come spring time due to flood control construction.