Flood Protection for Burlington

Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 7:04 PM CDT
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Much of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood protection plan is visible in the Magic City.

But Minot was not the only community impacted by the 2011 flood.

Construction crews have been working near the Colton Avenue Bridge in Burlington for a while now, but Tuesday, leadership with the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Plan joined community members in officially breaking ground on Burlington's first phase.

Those who live there say this is an important milestone.

“This is a monumental day for flood risk management in the Souris River Basin and especially in the City of Burlington,” said Ryan Ackerman, the administrator for the Souris River Joint Board.

Some light showers didn't stop the people of Burlington from moving forward with phase one of their flood protection project.

Security from the Souris River is something one resident says they've needed for the more than half century she's lived there.

“‘69, I only stayed one night out of the house. In 2011, I had it halfway up the picture window. The neighbors across the street had only 18 inches from their ceiling,” said Doris Johansen.

Leadership with the flood project also say it's a long time coming.

“Eight years ago I was on these levees right here as the water started to go over the top in Burlington. Basically that started this journey that this basin has had,” said Ackerman.

A journey to keep these residents above the flood waters.

The first Burlington phase will cost roughly $5.7 million.

Both phases are expected to be finished by the end of 2020.

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