Flickertail Woodcarvers use their art to give back

Published: Jan. 7, 2017 at 4:00 PM CST
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The Flickertail Woodcarvers club in Bismarck whittled in the New Year by carving an anvil and hammer during their monthly meeting.

It may seem like there's enough snow outside, but the Flickertail Woodcarvers decided to make more.

75 carvers are making 50 snow snakes for the fourth grade class at Highland Acres and Roosevelt.

"The teacher would use those for a art project, so they'd paint them. Then she'd use them for a culture class, talk about the Native Americans and the kids back then and what they played with and stuff, and then they'd use them for a Phy-Ed activity," says Doug Emerson, Program Chair.

The club does more than make snow snakes. They also have whittle-in days where a club member not only hosts a project but teaches members as well.

"We carve cancer hearts to help recovering cancer patients, have a little bit of something to hold onto that they know people care, to the fourth graders that we do project Snow Snakes, to the boy scouts, the girl scouts, the high school classes, the community with Game and Fish. We are reaching out to a wide array of public entities to share the art form of woodcarving," says Dale Heglund, President.

The club helps people carve safely, learn symmetry, and to have fun. They are always looking for more members to join.

"There's a group in every area. Jump in, it's low cost, it's a fun art form to learn," says Heglund.

The carvers say woodcarving is a lifelong activity anyone can do that only costs $15 for a yearly membership.

If you'd like to join or get more information on the club you can go to their Facebook page, just search Flickertail Woodcarvers.