Fixes being made in new jail

BISMARCK, N.D. - Repairs to the new Burleigh Morton Detention Center are already in the works.

Photo courtesy Steven Hall

The center was a more than $60 million project and has been up less than a year. But now it is already seeing issues.

A material called polyurea, a waterproof coating, was used in the bathrooms and other areas of the jail and is bubbling and peeling off.

The opening of the jail took two years and lots of man power but with any new building issues can arise.

"The application of it here, something didn't quite get done correctly, and it's forcing us to make some corrections and do some repairs, and that's something we shouldn't of had to do. But that's what a warranty period is for," said Steven Hall, assistant jail administrator.

The warranty is for two years and it covers issues like this one, where areas are delaminating.

"Whether or not that issue is going to continue to happen, I can't predict that," said Hall.

So, no worries no extra dollars are coming out of your pockets for this fix.

Hall says aside from the polyurea issue the building is meeting all the expectations.