First-year teacher prepares for her first day of school

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The first day of school can be scary and exciting for parents and students, but what about first year teachers? We stopped by TGU High School to find out.

Ashley Miller is preparing for her first day of school.

But not as a student, but a first year teacher.

"Teachers have told me it never goes as planned. So that's definitely a lot that I've kept in mind," said Ashley Miller, TGU High School agriculture education teacher.

Nerves play a role in the big day.

"You're always worried about, 'Oh, are they gonna be quiet the first day? Are they gonna be out going," said Miller.

A lot of preparation goes into getting ready for the first day, including prepping your room.

"Eventually I want to get shorter book shelves, move a few things around, maybe get a new desk, maybe a rug. Get everything kind of in my zone," said Miller.

And even buying your own school supplies.

"So just got done buying all the school supplies it was a bit overwhelming and it quite a bit of money to buy your own stuff for your classroom," says Miller.

But all of the groundwork to create the perfect first day is only half of the battle.

"It's nice to see exactly how they work inside the classroom but I guess we'll see tomorrow," said Miller.

For parents, students, and even the first year teachers the first day of school can bring a lot of jitters. But, it also can bring great memories. Many teachers say they remember their first day of school.

"Every teacher remembers their first day of school as a teacher just simply because it's something that you probably waited for your entire life," said Pamela Tonessen, 30-year TGU fifth grade teacher.

"Our old teacher was pretty old school and we're getting a brand new teacher out of college. So, it's going to be a little different but it's not going to be too much of a change," said TGU High School junior LJ Wells.

Making all of the prepping for the first day of school as a teacher as successful as Miller's first day as a student.
Ms. Miller also takes on the TGU's FFA team this year! Check out the school website to see how they're doing throughout the year: