First Western Bank & Trust changing procedures due to coronavirus concerns

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MINOT, N.D. - First Western Bank & Trust has moved to drive-through and appointment-only operation. The staff says it's missing the in-person aspect of money management.

"Those relationships we're able to build in the community are just extremely important to us. We want our community [and] customers to be successful because if they're successful, we're successful," said chairman/president/CEO Brenda Foster.

Foster says she's seeing an even-greater move toward cashless transactions.

"We're seeing a lot more transactions using debit card, credit card, our online services. We get a fair amount of traffic in our drive-through, but not near what it normally is. People are taking this [seriously] and staying home as much as they can," Foster said.

Keeping account holders' peace of mind is important in an uncertain time.

"The banking sector is very safe, and your money is safe in the bank. We just try to reaffirm them that we will get through this if we work together," Foster said.

Tellers are instructed to wash their hands and use sanitizer after every transaction. Gloves are also available.