First MHA recovery retreat in New Town

NEW TOWN, N.D. - New Town continues to create new opportunities for those in addiction recovery.

The Door Recovery Center is hosting a retreat this weekend at the Earth Lodge Village just east of town.

Morgan Tveter says he's looking at his family's history as MHA people to keep moving forward in his recovery.

“There's a scar there that doesn't go away. So that's passed down from generation to generation,” Tveter said.

Historical trauma, like what's impacted Tveter and his family, is far too common on tribal lands.

For many of those attending this weekend's retreat, learning about their family history is helping them understand how addiction became a part of their lives.

“It's education and historical backgrounds of where we came from as the Three Affiliated Tribes. We just need to know who we were before addiction got here,” said Teliea Baker, The Door director.

Practicing traditions is one way Bryan Archambault connects with his heritage and stays on the path of recovery.

“I went to sweat. It's been over a year and it was just an awesome thing that I missed so much and I was so grateful to be able to experience with the people out here,” Archambault said.

There are two things that all these people share: their goals to stay in recovery and their Native American heritage.

“Being around this stuff is something that I needed and it's helping me in my recovery,” Archambault said.

Moving future generations forward, past addiction.

This was the first recovery retreat ever in New Town.