Firework bans do not stop sales

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Dry, hot, and windy weather conditions have caused burn bans, and bans on fireworks in some areas of North Dakota. But, they aren't stopping the sale of fireworks in those areas.

And wheeling out cases of fireworks is the new routine for the Memory Fireworks team.

"North Dakota is one of the largest states that celebrate the Fourth of July and light off fireworks and go out camping and enjoy the outdoors," said Chad Neff, Memory Fireworks operations manager.

The burn ban isn't stopping the team from loading up more than twenty thousand cases of fireworks.

Memory Fireworks Operations Manager Chad Neff says the bans won't stop their sale of close to 30,000 cases of fireworks statewide. He says they understand their importance and encourages customers to set off fireworks where they're legally allowed to do so.

"At the end of the day what we have to do is we have to take into account public safety over fun, and unfortunately that's where we're at this year," said Bismarck Rural Fire Chief Michael Voigt.

Fireworks can't be used in Burleigh County, Morton County, Bismarck, Mandan, and most recently Lincoln. Some of these areas are due to fire conditions, while some never allow fireworks. Chief Voigt says it's important to know your area's rules and the consequences of setting fireworks off.

"They need to know that they're probably going to be written a citation and have to appear in in court for violation of a law," said Voigt.

Burleigh County's burn ban follows the fire danger rating. This means the ban on pit burning, campfires, and burning of crop land is only in effect when the fire danger rating is high, very high, or extreme. Fireworks are banned in Burleigh County regardless of the rating.

Currently fireworks can be set off in McLean and Sheridan counties if people are looking for a place nearby.