Firefighters become students at Fire School in Minot

MINOT, N.D. - First responders from all across North Dakota are taking over the state fair center in Minot, but it's no emergency, it's training.

Minot firefighter Gus Urban is keeping pretty busy this weekend, on top of responding to calls, he's recruiting the next generation of firefighters at this year's fire school at the State Fairgrounds in Minot.

“Firefighters come out here and train on things your department can't bring to it. You know, department is small enough, you have everything here you need. Come visit the class and get some great training," said Urban.

Urban may be from Minot but he's one of roughly 900 firefighters from across the state training in the Magic City. The first responders learn the basics of putting on gear and moving through a structure fire.

“We preach muscle memory. Where you have to do it again. You did it great now do it one more time. Okay do it one more time. This is how you get that muscle memory. So at two o'clock in the morning when you are responding to an incident it comes natural to you," said NDFA Training Director Rob Knuth.

Whether they're career firefighters or volunteers, the goals for everyone are the same.

”Strengthening relationships. We're all in it for the same reason. We want to help people we want to be there for people. And by doing things like this, just beings everybody a little closer together, " said Nate Condit, a volunteer firefighter in Kenmare.

Paving the way for the future firefighters in the Peace Garden State.

This is the 64th year for the fire school.

The classes and vendor show wrap up Saturday.