Fire fighters show students the ropes

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MINOT, N.D. - Many young girls and boys dream of becoming a fire fighter when they get older, and a few high school students got a head start.

"My dad's in the fire service, my grandpa was. When I heard about the post I thought, 'Well, that's something cool I can do at my age until I turn 18 and can take the test then," says sophomore Joseph Oleksik, Minot Fire Explorer.

In its second year, the Fire Explorer Post program helps these students learn the ropes of firefighting.

"They get to experience something that not a lot of kids get to do. They come to a fire station, get to practice, train on the real stuff that the Minot firefighters train on...on the actual equipment, the actual trucks. So, it's a real good experience for them," says Jacob Filkins, Minot Fire Explorer Post Advisor.

The program is all about the students, but it is also a way to keep these firefighters on their toes.

"Getting asked questions by the explorers is great to test our knowledge, make sure that we know what we're talking about completely and thoroughly," says Filkins.

Even if they do not end up being a firefighter, the students and the teachers leave with some valuable life lessons.

"It's good opportunity to learn new skills while being around other people, good core values and have a good look into the fire service," says Oleksik.

"It also gives us a little bit more, ya know, kind of leadership skills to learn how to control a group of high schoolers and keep them on tasks. So, it's a really good experience for them as well as us," says Filkins.

Reinforcing the dreams of these potential future first responders.

You can fin out more about the program and how to get your high school student enrolled by checking out the Minot Area Fire and Rescue Explorer Post Facebook page: