Fire destroys Dakota Farm Equipment building in Elgin

ELGIN, N.D. - A town welcomed the New Year with a tragedy.

The Dakota Farm Equipment building in Elgin was up in flames and it left the structure with a total loss.

Fortunately there was no one inside at the time of the fire.

“Sad. Heart broken a little bit. In shock. It was kind of a shocker,” said Dakota Farm Equipment owner Mike Ballard.

Ballard says they lost everything.

More than 20 volunteer firefighters from Elgin, Carson and New Leipzig fought the flames Sunday.

Elgin Fire Chief Allen Hummel said: “Door had blowed out on top. A few of the guys that are on the department went in. But it was too hot; too much fire, so they came out. We just tried putting it out from the outside.”

He says they were able to contain the fire, but there is still some flames left.

Ballard says they are back up and running at a temporary building in downtown.

“The goal here is to maybe be at this location for about a month and then we’re hoping to move to another more permanent temporary building or structure up beside our existing property,” said Ballard.

He says he’s thankful for the fire department containing the big fire from spreading into the town.

The fire chief says this is the first structure fire this big since the 70s.

Ballard says they are still investigating the cause of the fire.