Fire Fighters learn about their cancer risks at State Fair Center in Minot

Fire fighters face danger every time they have to put out a fire.

Many of them are now learning how that they're at much higher cancer risk because of the smoke at the North Dakota State Fair Center in Minot.

There are ways to minimize the risk by wiping off equipment and keeping smoky clothes out of cars or homes.

Companies are even making easy-clean equipment, but this issue is still gaining awareness among fire fighters.

“Studies have come out and they're proving more and more coming down to those carcinogens. We always knew those chemicals were putting out gasses and everything else. We just don’t know until you start to relate how many deaths are in fire departments and things like that, and young people and cancer,”

Fire fighters are encouraged to wipe off equipment, clean themselves, and keep any equipment used in a fire outside after fighting a fire.