Fire Department encourages Bismarck residents to 'Adopt-a-Hydrant'

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck fire department is asking residents to help take care of the more than 4,000 fire hydrants across the city.

The adopt a hydrant program encourages residents to clear snow away from fire hydrants so that if an emergency happens on your street fire fighters will be able to access the water. Most fire hydrants aren't buried yet this year, but for when it does happen, the department wants people to be aware.

"If it takes us time to find it, and then to shovel around it we're probably looking at ten to fifteen minutes to get access to that hydrant. So if you can get those cleared out for us that is saving your home, a neighbors home, potentially a life," said Bismarck Battalion Chief Rob Carlson.

The fire department also wants people to be aware that if you are elderly or disabled and concerned about the fire hydrant in your area. You can call public works or the fire department to come and clear around it.