Fiancee Bismarck hosting dress drive for Carrie's Kids

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BISMARCK, N.D. - You're only going to wear your wedding dress once, although you might hold onto it for sentimental reasons. Or you might just hand it down to your daughter.

But what about your prom dress? There is a way to get more use out of it.

Many mothers and daughters clearly understand that January is not too soon to go shopping for prom. You've got to be sure that no one else at your school wears the same dress you do, and stores make provisions for that.

It can be a pricey proposition, however. That's why Fiancee Bismarck/Koo Koo's Nest is conducting a prom dress drive.

"We've had dads bring in, they have multiple daughters that have been in multiple weddings. We have 22 huge boxes full. But keep in mind, there's girls sizes 00 to size 26. So we need all sizes, we need all shapes, all colors, everything," says Kinzey Fockler, Fiancee Bismarck/Koo Koo's Nest.

People can donate dresses and accessories to go to the charitable organization Carrie's Kids. It will allow girls who could never afford a fancy outfit the opportunity to go to prom without breaking the bank.

And the momentum is building.

For instance, North Dakota's Outstanding Teen has donated some two dozens outfits.

"Even if the dress is old, old, old, and you have a funny bridesmaid dress in your closet. For those younger girls at Carrie's Kids to play dress up, or just escape and feel like a princess, that's the goal of the dress drive. We just want to make everyone feel confident and beautiful and give them that option for having a gown," says Fockler.

When the drive began, organizers say they would have been happy with 20 dresses. So far they have more than 100.

As an added incentive, everyone who donates is eligible for a $500 gift card to Fiancee/Koo Koo's Nest.

The drive goes through the end of January. You can drop off prom dresses or accessories at Fiancee Bismarck/Koo Koo's Nest on 5th Street downtown during business hours.