Federal grants to improve apron at Minot International Airport

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MINOT, N.D.- The FAA announced nearly $10 million in grants coming to airports in our area. Minot International Airport once again received the most money with more than $2 million on the way.

In past years, Minot International Airport used FAA grant dollars to make noticeable differences to their main terminal, but this year their working to give taxiing pilots a smoother ride.

“The entitlement funding will go to reconstruction of a portion of our general aviation apron. We'll resurface the apron, we'll add in some drain tiles. Also some new tie downs for additional aircraft parking,” said Minot Airport Operations Manager Deanna Stoddard.

There's a pretty clear line that marks the difference between some of the newer sections of the GA apron and parts of it that will be repaired thanks to monies from this year's FAA funding.

“You can see the shifting of the tie-downs which are those kind of anchors in the pavement there,” Stoddard said.

Some money will go toward redesigning the airport's cargo apron to have a more efficient cargo center.

Stoddard says that 90 percent of the project is funded through the FAA while the other 10% is split between state and local dollars.