February oil and natural gas numbers

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North Dakota's oil production suffered a bit of frostbite in February.

The industry dropped about 60,000 barrels a day, according to Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms.

Helms says this is the biggest drop in oil production since December 2016.

"Five percent is significant, but in terms of revenues and all of that, oil prices actually increased more rapidly than production dropped," said Helms.

Regulators warn North Dakota's oil industry faces a different threat as well. A bill working its way through the Washington state Senate would require that oil offloaded from trains in the state be modified to be less volatile. The measure would give companies a two-year window to adjust.

"The fact is that the vapor pressure limit they've set would devalue the crude oil so badly is that all it's really going to do is give them a two-year window to find a new market," said Helms.

The bill states that Bakken crude is too volatile and that this would make it safer to transport. Regulators say that's just not true.

Natural gas production also saw a significant drop in February.