Farmers may need to report air releases from animal waste soon

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Some North Dakota livestock corporations may soon be required to report hazardous substance air releases from animal waste.

That's if that waste exceeds 100 pounds of ammonia or hydrogen sulfide within a 24 hour period.

Previously, the Environmental Protection Agency exempted farms from reporting, but now activist groups such as the Humane Society of the United States and the Water Alliance sued EPA, forcing agriculture to be report on emissions.

The North Dakota Stockman's Association doesn't think this is necessary and appropriate. They say it's a time and a cost burden for farmers and ranchers.

"It'll implicate many many beef producers here in North Dakota, again, subjecting them to unnecessary burden. One that's difficult for them to determine what their air emissions are from their pasture base agriculture operations," said Julie Ellingson, Stockmans Association.

The EPA requested a delay for 90 days on implementing the law.

The Department of Agriculture recommends people to not start reporting until the mandate is issued.

Stay tuned to KFYR-TV to hear when that is.