Farm Rescue continues to help ranchers in need

Published: Oct. 6, 2017 at 8:13 AM CDT
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This year farm rescue delivery trucks have been rolling in to ranches and farms across the state.

"Today we're bringing 2 loads of hay. We've got over 50 bales of hay here that we're bringing which will help him quite a bit during the winter months,” said Farm Rescue Operation Director Carol Wielenga.

This standard delivery marks a major milestone. Linton rancher Doug Bichler is the 500th producer farm rescue has helped. And this year, in particular, Bichler appreciated the help.

"These loads of hay is the difference between having to sell a portion of my cow herd or being able to keep on an continue with the numbers that I have and the program that I've built,” said Bichler.

On June 26, Doug lost his right arm in a hay baler accident. About 1 month later, he and his wife Maria welcomed their first child. Since the accident, volunteers have come to the Bichler ranch, helping him tend his ranch, and heal.

"Having family and friends around and being outside every day and being able to walk through the calves. Just doing daily chores again like I did before the accident is terrific therapy,” said Bichler.

After 500 families helped, farm rescue says its looking to reinvent its wheel.

"Looking forward, we're looking for more things to do with livestock and maybe feeding assistance,” said Wielenga.

So the company can get the number helped to 1000 and beyond.

Doug said his recovery is progressing well and he hopes to have a temporary prosthetic by the end of the year.