Farm Rescue bail out

Published: Aug. 4, 2017 at 8:00 PM CDT
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Farm Rescue is an organization that helps farmers who've suffered an illness or injury plant or harvest crops.

Friday, the group helped a New Salem rancher in a different way.

This special delivery of hay was trucked 300 miles to help feed some hungry cattle.

"It's just incredible I hope someday I can return the favor," said Lee Henke, New Salem rancher.

New Salem rancher Lee Henke received the donation from Farm Rescue. Keith Barkema delivered the gift.

"You get this feeling going through you when you pull in and bring a big load of hay to a fellow in need and you know he's going to feel good and it makes you feel good to get it here for him," said Keith Barkema, farm rescue.

Henke was injured in a farm accident last month and broke six ribs. His wife says the donation is overwhelming.

"It's very hard, to ask for help and accept the help, but they made it easy," said Claire Henke, New Salem.

This delivery is part of Farm Rescue's "Operation Hay Lift." The organization is hoping to transport hay to nearly 90 families who've applied for hay or transportation assistance.

The 34 bails of hay are estimated to be several thousand dollars.