Fargo legislator working on marijuana decriminalization also working on record sealing bill

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Rep. Shannon Roers Jones, R-Fargo, working on a marijuana decriminalization bill is also working on a bill that would have a person's record sealed if they don't commit any new crimes.

This would only apply to non-violent, non-sex offense crimes. A person convicted of a misdemeanor could get their record sealed after three years of no new offense and after five years for a felony.

Roers Jones say this follows up on last session’s justice reinvestment bills.

“We can't expunge federal records, we can't wipe the internet clean so depending on how hard employers or people look to find evidence of a criminal record but this is a first step,” said Roers Jones.

She says the bill is still in draft and issues like limiting employer searches and what access law enforcement would have to those records are still being addressed.