Fantasy football bet is sweet

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Fantasy football leagues try to come up with a clever punishment for the loser of the group.

When a Montana man and his sister-in-law were going head to head, the bet got bigger and sweeter.

Matt Barefield was outside of Target at the Kirkwood Mall today in a full-body lit up poster that read, "I lost to my sister-in-law in fantasy football. I suck. I'm a sucker, so have one on me."

He had a large bag of lollipops that he passed out to Black Friday shoppers. He even would hand them to cars that drove by.

His sister-in-law Crystal tagged along with a much smaller sign that said, "I'm the sister-in-law."

“For most of the match I was really confident that I was going to come out on the winning side and so I talked a lot of trash during the whole day of the battle and here I am handing out suckers,” said Barefield.

Barefield had to stand outside for thirty minutes, beginning the second he put the sign on.

He says the punishment is fair.