Fans at Star Wars premiere show the Empire has a soft side

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Star Wars fans of all stripes lined up at Grand Theatre in Bismarck for the opening of The Last Jedi, the second movie in the third trilogy.

People came out in full costume for the show.

Some of those in costume are members of Bismarck's 501st Legion and the Mandalorian Mercenaries. They’re working together for charity.

When Joshua Rhoads joined the 501st, the first thing he wanted to do was help.

"You feel like you're doing extreme good even though you're just there. There's a lot more people in the background doing a lot more than us. We're giving smiles and honestly, it makes our day complete,” said Rhoads.

The 501st and Mandalorian Mercenaries are just two groups that costume in their spare time for charity. Kris Heid of the 501st talked about helping a boy named JJ from Dickinson. JJ had a rare form of eye cancer. Kris helped make his wish come true.

"His wish was to meet Kylo Ren at Disney World and he left on November the first, so for Halloween, we went out there and took him trick or treating. His mom said he had more fun with us trick or treating than going to Disney World. And just seeing the look on his face when he opened the door and saw us there was priceless and I'm never ever going to forget that,” says Heid.

Helping JJ live his dream helps the group live theirs.

The Last Jedi is projected to make around $200 million in its opening weekend.