Famous Wishek sausage recipe unchanged since 1909

Old traditions and small towns tend to go hand in hand.

For one rural community in North Dakota it dates back to the turn of the century.

Although times have changed over the years...one recipe has stayed the same and has attracted customers across the country.

A German sausage recipe dating back to 1909... lies in the hands of George Just.

"If there was a store and a butcher shop there was homemade sausage made." George Just, Stan's Super Valu

But the sausage produced in the butcher shop of Stan's Super Valu in the rural town of Wishek is different from all the rest.

Willis Caldwell , Stan's Super Valu "Everyone knows about it, everyone compliments about it, everybody seems to hear about it, it's a really well known product, that's because of George."

For 46 years, 80-year-old George Just has been seasoning sausage in the heart North Dakota's German country.

George Just, Stan's Super Valu "I've been basically retired for 18 years."

It's a team effort....Willis running the kitchen with a handful other employees having the ability to produce up to 1700 pounds a day.

Willis Caldwell, Stan's Super Valu "we put hours in, during the holidays it's nothing to work a 12 hour day. and put 60 hours a week,"

"It's selling itself, we haven't put a whole lot into marketing." Darrin Deile, Store Owner, Stan's Super Valu.

Although the country fry sausage is the most popular, on Wednesday's, Friday's, and Saturday's people line up for the hot ring bologna.

"They come from miles around, i got cousins in Wisconsin they come home and take a cooler full back." Russell Lipp, Strasburg

In the winter months...the sausage is shipped to state's all across the country.

Darrin Deile, Stan's Super Valu, Store Owner "It makes it somewhat rare...you can't have it all the time."

So rare only a select few know the recipe and it's going to stay that way.

"not for sale, not for sale, I'd be foolish." Darrin Deile, Stan's Super Valu, Store Owner

As for George's hand in the making...

"Fully retire? We I think that's going to be up to the Lord I guess as look as they let me in the door I'll continue to help." George Just

And Wishek will continue its sausage legacy for years to come.