Family living on Hwy 1806 in Morton County says traffic control point is an inconvenience to locals

As the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and its allies continue to protest the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline north of Cannonball, police continue to have an increased presence in rural Morton County.

Authorities have been operating a traffic control point forcing southbound traffic off Highway 1806 just south of Fort Lincoln State Park since Wednesday.

The detour can add half an hour to 45 minutes or more to a commute.

Local traffic is supposed to be allowed through, but one family says that isn't always the case.

As police direct traffic through the traffic control point south of Mandan, some homeowners and businesspeople are allowed to continue south. But Dominick Blandino, who's living with his mom north of Cannonball for the summer, says he has been forced to go around the detour.

"It's extremely, extremely annoying," said Blandino.

"We've cut out some of our trips that we would normally take to Bismarck, just because of that blockade," said Kerry Libby, who lives on Hwy 1806.

Libby, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, says she's spoken with others who live south of the blockade who've been forced to go around as well.

"They're a little outraged, just like myself, that we have to go all the way around through the north side to get back to our homes," said Libby.

While protests persist, both say they can appreciate the need for safety, but feel the road block is unnecessary.

"Yeah I understand safety, but you got to look out for the people and they haven't cause any harm or any distress so I don't feel there's any need for it," said Balndino.

Police from the Fargo area and Stutsman County who are manning the control point declined to do an on camera interview, but say they are letting people who prove their address or business drive past. They say the community is frustrated, but cooperative and friendly.

The police presence may not be going away any time soon. Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed an order today freeing up more funds to ensure the safety and health of the protesters.