Family continues to look for answers in kidnapping case

BISMARCK, N.D. - A family is asking for help finding the man who they say kidnapped a 7-year-old in Bismarck on Friday and then dropped her off somewhere else.

The child gave a vague description of the person who grabbed her, saying he was an older white man with white hair wearing a purple shirt and blue jeans.

The child's father says it's been a roller coaster of emotions the last few days. Someone found the girl near 17th and Ave C, and took her to police.

The family says their main focus right now is figuring out who the man is responsible for taking their youngest from right here in this alley.

It was a normal afternoon in sunny Bismarck when suddenly a parent’s worst nightmare happened; their child was nowhere to be found.

"I ran to the backyard and didn't see her in the backyard. I went to the garage and started hollering around back there and she wasn't nowhere around," said the victims dad Preston Wise Spirit.

Then she was found, just blocks away from her home and taken to the police department.

Preston Wise Spirit was frustrated with officers because he thought they didn't want to start the investigation until Monday.

"That mistake was completely on me because my hearing was so selective because my emotions were running high and everything," said Preston.

Monday he put out a public apology to the PD for his emotional response to the incident at hand. Saying officers were actually out on the same day asking around about the incident.

Police say it's an active kidnapping investigation.

The family is asking anyone who lives in the areas between 13th and Rosser and 17th and Ave C with surveillance cameras to please check your videos from Friday afternoon for any leads involving this incident.