Focus on family businesses

Tom Shorma knows a thing of two about running a family business. His father started WCCO Belting, Inc., manufacturing agricultural and industrial rubber belting and conveyor products. Decades later, the business is thriving as Shorma and his siblings continue to run the operations.

“As a second generation family business owner there are things that we've gone through over a 63 year history of our family business that we can help those that are going to be going through the same transitions,” Shorma said.

25 years ago, Shorma's family started working with the Prairie Family Business Association, an organization committed to helping family operations continue to grow and thrive. He says without outside advisors, running a company would have been difficult.

“We needed outside advice because in many cases we were very, very young without experience in managing companies,” Shorma said.

Years later, they've figured out what works and he's hoping to share the information to help other family businesses.

“Family businesses can be a lot of fun, can be financially rewarding and can be a uniter of harmony between the family not a divider,” Shorma said.