Falling Into Winter

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Temperatures are falling... and so are the leaves. One department is working hard to keep Bismarck beautiful.

The Bismarck Public Works Street Sweepers are removing leaves from the neighborhoods, one block at a time.

There are four trucks total, two go North and two travel South. They cover about twenty blocks every day, sometimes backtracking on windy days like today to collect leaves that continue to fall. It is important the debris gets cleared not only so the city looks its best, but because winter is coming. If there are leaves on the ground during winter, it can clog the chutes of snow blowers.

“It's a never ending circle. With these areas downtown here with all of the trees, we keep going through it over and over again,” said Dennis Wetzel, Equipment Operator.

Wetzel says the trucks have been gathering around 40 to 60 tons of leaves every day.