Faith-based Unitarian Universalist Association members visit DAPL protest camps

Published: Nov. 3, 2016 at 6:01 PM CDT
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Early today, members of a faith based group were visiting the protest camps, where they came to stand in solidarity and prayer with protesters.

Members of the Unitarian Universalist Association originally asked for 100 members of faith to join their cause, more than 500 registered and traveled to the protests camps.

The group joined in a prayer ceremony where they burned a copy of the Doctrine of Discovery, a document authorized by Pope Alexander VI, which Europeans used as justification to take advantage, and in some cases enslave indigenous people. Many in the group responded to the call because of the strength they say protesters have shown.

"I wanted to come and respond to a call of prayer to be here in prayerful protection. I believe while the people have called in their time of need, they've called from a place of incredible strength and vision,” said Aine O'Connor, Sisters of Mercy, Baltimore, Maryland.

Some in the group said there have been mistakes on both sides, but they hope that prayer can bring them together.