Fairview Lodge Motel must be vacated by Tuesday

MINOT, N.D. - Tuesday was the deadline for anyone left living in the abandoned Fairview Lodge Motel in Minot to vacate the premises.

Last week Tues., July 2, First District Health Unit held a joint press conference with the city of Minot, giving anyone living there seven days to vacate.

On June 28 we reported that as many as 20 people were living in the motel as if it was an apartment and paying as much as $500 a month for rent, but had been living there for weeks without water.

As of Tuesday, few if any remain on the premises.

Concerned area residents spoke out at last week's Minot City Council meeting about the living conditions and the potential for crime.

First District says it is working to help those forced to vacate find other housing options.

Minot Police say they'll only be responding to the scene unless called.

The city of Minot said its goal is to have the property abated by the beginning of the State Fair next Friday.