Fact-finding commission's advisements for Minot teacher impasse

MINOT, N.D. – A state fact-finding commission has suggested some solutions to bring an end to the current impasse between Minot educators and the school board.

The two sides began bargaining in late March, though as of the beginning of June have yet to reach an agreement.

The fact-finding commission met with educators and board members last week in Minot. After hearing from both sides, the commission suggested the following:

  • A one-year contract covering academic year 2018-19

  • All previous agreed-to items remain

  • An increase in base salary from $39,350 to $39,450

  • A teacher’s salary with a BS degree and no years of experience would be $42,488; MS degree and 45 credits and 15 years of experience would be $78,079

  • Establishing a ‘Catastrophic Leave Time Bank’

  • Creation of a Safety and Health Committee, with equal members on the committee from teachers and the board

  • Updates to the district’s grievance process

The School Board will meet in executive session Wednesday morning to discuss the matter.