Fine dining steakhouse opens in Dickinson

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DICKINSON, N.D. - After more than a year of construction, Dickinson's first fine dining steakhouse is opening on Thursday.

The Crossing's staff says they hope the restaurant will be a social space for guests to connect.

Staff says The Crossing was inspired by North Dakota ranching roots.

The restaurant will be featuring certified angus beef prime on the menu.

The managing director says The Crossing is a restaurant for everyone to enjoy.

"We talk a lot about we want someone who is coming from a big meeting in their suits to feel comfortable here, as well as someone who's getting done with the cow sale at stockmen's to feel comfortable walking in with their jeans and their hat," said Kodee Gartner, The Crossing managing director ​

The Crossing is open everyday but Wednesday.

The lounge opens at 4 p.m. and the restaurant opens at 5 p.m. Reservations are encouraged, but not required. ​