FIRST Tech Challenge takes place in Bismarck

One of the robots from the FIRST Tech Challenge attempting to release an object.
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BISMARCK, N.D. - Teams from across the Dakotas and Minnesota were in Bismarck Saturday for the FIRST Tech Challenge. The competition improves students' programming and engineering skills by building robots.

They might not be R2D2 or the Terminator, but these droids are still capable of a lot.

"This is the most fun I've had in my high school career, and I think the FTC really brings the best out in people," said Kody Zemke, Student at Alexander High School.

The groups compete with their bots in scored challenges. The main mission at this competition is stacking blocks.

"It teaches them how to problem solve. It allows them the opportunity to think outside the box, to build upon skills they've learned in other classes, and to use skills they've learned in our class in other classes," said Cathy White, Alexander Public Schools Robotics and STEM Coordinator.

It's a common sight for members of one team to help out another.

"We're not here to compete to get the best score for ourselves. We're here to compete to better all of us," said Kody.

There is also some extra time at the beginning of every match for teams that have automated their machines.

The competition is played as two teams against two teams, and the score is shared by competitors that are on the same side.