‘FAITH’ful Leadership on Standing Rock Reservation

STANDING ROCK, N.D. - The Standing Rock reservation continues to move forward after the Dakota Access Pipeline protests flooded the prairie.

Standing Rock Chairman Mike Faith was elected more than a year ago after the camp closure.

Faith says they've been working hard on relations with state agencies since the closure.

He says he's also accomplished other things he had on his wish list.

"I think we're making huge steps forward as far as relationships coming back. It's not gonna happen overnight but I think we're taking each day for the best we can," said Faith.

Faith says they've hired a new police chief and have been fighting the war on the drugs with early success.

"Everybody working together. We're coming up with taking the drugs off the street that can harm our folk," said Faith.

And the community says Faith is making strides.

“I think he's doing the best he can with what he's got right now," said Josh Luger, Standing Rock member:

Faith says since he was elected they've also added the first Standing Rock fire station.

Looking ahead, Faith says he wants to improve health insurance benefits for the tribe.

And he says the most important thing to him is building the best future for all the children on the reservation.

House Bill 11-94 introduced by Representative Keiser will tackle tribal health care during this legislative session. Faith says he looks forward to seeing how it all unfolds.