Extension Services meets with community

DICKINSON, N.D. - Extension Agencies play a big role for many people across our state.

This year, Extension Services received a 14-percent budget cut, meaning the State Board of Agriculture Research and Education will have to make cut backs.

They heard from the community about how a cut in extension agents could affect their counties Thursday.

Representatives and farmers from many counties made an appearance to express the importance of having extension agents in their communities.

With the $4.1 million reduction in budget, it leaves the board scrambling to find options on how to shift their funding.

"If you only have so much money, then you have to go through the pecking order of priority to keep what you think is most important," said Keith Peltier, S-BARE chair.

He says S-BARE'S job is to recommend, but most of the final decision comes out of the legislature. They decide how much money will be allocated for years moving forward.