Exploring Agriculture course being offered to middle school students

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BISMARCK, N.D. - One Bismarck Public Schools teacher is giving middle schoolers the opportunity to learn how their food goes from farm to fork.

Last fall, the Career Academy added a new course called Exploring Agriculture, which is only offered to seventh and eighth graders.

Damon Mellmer teaches agriculture at multiple schools every day, and will take on this course, as well. His lessons will range from animal and food science to natural resource management, exposing his students to a full range of the industry.

"Our farm to fork project, so students get to pick a food that is grown on the farm and they research it from farm to processing, to transportation, to their grocery store, to their plate," said Mellmer.

Mellmer says the academy offers advanced courses for students who show interest in pursuing an ag career. If your child is interested in enrolling, set up an appointment with the school counselor.