Evening storms lead to crop damage in southern Ward County

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DOUGLAS, N.D. - Storms brought strong winds, hail, and even reports of a tornado to southern Ward County Monday night.

The hail caused damage to many farms growing soybean, wheat, and barley in the area. Bob Finken farms soybeans near Douglas and said that some of his fields were damaged up to 50%. He said the wheat and barley crops are especially vulnerable at this point in the growing season. Even with hail and crop insurance, Finken says these events still take a toll.

“It is an impact. It's lost income. It, in general, makes harvest tougher and management afterwards is tougher. There’s a cost to having crop insurance because there’s a premium to be paid,” said Douglas farmer Bob Finken.

Pictures Finken shared with us showed hail stones larger than quarters from Monday night’s storms.