Erik Ramstad students make Valentine's Day cards for veterans

MINOT, N.D. - The students at Erik Ramstad Middle School are writing Valentine's Day cards for more than just their peers.

Mrs. Larson's seventh-graders are making cards for Minot Veterans.

Mrs. Larson's digital tech students took a break from learning how to type to make Valentine's for veterans.

"I was pretty excited that we get to share our words to the veterans," said student Taylyn Cope.

Piper Lesmann-Hansen has a grandpa who served our country.

“You don't always have to go out and clean up the environment to help people and things. You can just simply write a card and that can make people's day shine brighter," said Lesmann-Hansen.

Loren Headrick, a veteran himself, headed to the school to receive the cards.

"Very inspiring I am so grateful that they do know these thing. They have a teacher that educates them to this sort of thing," said Headrick.

Sharol Paulson with the Minot VFW will be hand-delivering these cards to veterans on Valentine's Day.

"The veterans are tickled pink when they think the kids have remembered them. It's a big deal for them," said Paulson.

For those veterans who don't have the support of a family, these valentines show they are not forgotten.

Headrick said: "Just that they remember. And they know what a veteran is. That's the big thing. And some of these veterans are just forgotten and to know that they remember, it's great."

The students had one last message for the veterans.

"Keep fighting and thank you for serving," said Cope.

Piper Lesmann-Hansen said: "I hope your day becomes very good by reading this card. And, I hope you live a very long and happy life."

Showing love and support for those who have sacrificed so much for our country.

All total, the students made roughly 150 cards for the veterans for five separate locations.