Entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on medical marijuana in Wheelock

The Compassionate Care Act in North Dakota passed with a 2-1 majority in Williams County last November. Now, entrepreneurs are looking to turn the town of Wheelock into "Weedlock."

There's not much to Wheelock these days, but three entrepreneurs are looking to change that.

"Trying to give purpose to a town that in the past, hasn't had the best luck or even the best reputation for that matter. But we would like to definitely change that," said William Senff Jr., the company President.

They are hoping to turn empty fields like this into a medical marijuana growing facility.

"We're literally still breaking ground," Senff said, "A lot of it's undeveloped, but we do have plans. It takes time."

Whelock was the perfect location because it's not close to, well, anything. The partners have worked to acquire land in the area, but once the Compassionate Care Act was passed by voters last year, things started really moving.

"After they had initiated things and got moving and got more serious, we decided to start digging holes and getting ready to introduce ourselves to the medical community," said Richard West, who is a marijuana consultant with experience in Washington's cannabis industry.

If the state approves their operation, they are hoping to be one of the biggest in the state.

"This is a property we may use to do an outdoor grow. It's 18 thousand square feet," said Marketing Manager Joe McRae.

And a big operation means a lot of medical marijuana.

"I feel that we will be able to produce at least 250 pounds of medical-grade cannabis to distribute in our community," said West.

However, there still are many hoops they are working to jump through in order to make sure they are in compliance with the state.

"Right now, we're just kind of the blind leading the blind because the state hasn't necessarily made the steps moving forward in as fast of a manor as they maybe should have," said Senff.

All three say they are committed to making sure they are in complete compliance with state regulations.

The partners also say they are hoping to officially change the name of the township to Weedlock in the future.