Energy Secretary Rick Perry visits North Dakota, talks energy expansion

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Energy Secretary Rick Perry is the latest administration official to come to North Dakota.

Perry visited Falkirk mine and the Coal Creek Power Station in Underwood before heading to the University of Mary for a roundtable with energy leaders.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry wants America to flex its muscle as a worldwide energy leader, and he came to Bismarck for help.

"North Dakota is going to play a very very important role in the future of America's energy independence and energy dominance if you will,” said Perry.

Perry will be heading down to Mexico, making his pitch for a Mexico-America energy partnership, something state leaders say will benefit.

"You grow the economy, you grow the pie. Instead of fighting over the pie we have, you grow the pie an that's what we're now able to do with exporting oil, exporting natural gas, exporting ethanol. That's our opportunity,” said Ron Ness, North Dakota Petroleum Council.

But at an energy roundtable Thursday, energy and state government leaders called on Perry to do more.

“Research is what has brought us in the Bakken to where we are today. It's going to be the solution for clean coal so we need more discretionary funds,” said Ness.

"Just in the lab messing around with what's the latest and greatest, what's the next hurdle, what's the next clean energy process that we can have,” said Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford, R-N.D.

Perry added during the meeting he's looking for states that are friendly, not combative in energy policies.

The Department of Energy shows North Dakota is second in the country in daily oil production behind the Permian Basin in Texas. North Dakota is also sixth in total energy production nationally.