End in sight for I-94 bridge construction between Bismarck, Mandan

BISMARCK, N.D. - Repairs on the I-94 bridge from Bismarck and Mandan has dominated the summer, but the end is in sight.

Construction along interstate 94 has been going on since May. Commuters in the area have mixed feelings about the increased traffic.

"The construction zone on I-94 I try and avoid it whenever I can," said Richard Barrios, Burleigh County Resident.

"Traffic in North Dakota is not bad, if people have been to other parts of the country, a little bit of a delay over a bridge is not a big deal" said Jennie Ringleman, Menoken.

The DOT says despite the length of the project, they're still on track to finish on time.

"We are still scheduled to complete in late fall, so roughly late October early November, which is great heading towards that deadline every day," said Amanda Godfread, I-94 project public information specialist.

One thing that's been helpful, at least for the crews, is the fact that theirs been only one full day of delays throughout the project.

"Which is great not only for the construction side of it but certainly for the vehicle traffic too to not have to deal with additional delays or additional complications in their commute," said Godfread.

And sometimes people need to remember how many seasons we have in North Dakota.

"I think people have to realize there's like two seasons. There's the road construction season and there's winter," said Ringleman.

DOT says despite a few minor accidents there have been no injuries in the construction zone.

Crews are resurfacing more than five miles of road from Bismarck Expressway to the Grant Marsh bridge in Mandan. The goal is to extend the life of the road, instead of doing complete repairs later on.