Emergency snow removal, plowing in Minot

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MINOT, N.D. - The City of Minot's snow removal emergency remains in effect. It prohibits all vehicles from parking on streets marked as "Emergency Snow Routes" until all streets have been cleared of snow.

The city is asking residents to also avoid parking on any city street, if possible, until all residential roadways can be cleared. A violation could result in a fine, and the vehicle may end up towed.

"You cannot park on emergency snow routes. We ask politely that nobody parks on any city street if they can avoid it. Of course, there are cases where people will need to park on the street, but if you can avoid parking on the street, we ask you to," says Minot Public Information Officer Derek Hackett.

The emergency will remain in effect until further notice.

The city of Surrey has also issued a similar snow emergency.

Minot crews having been working around the clock to get the streets cleared throughout the city.

Plows, blades and sanders are out clearing the snow. City employees have logged more than 1,300 man hours, working in 12 hour shifts. Their main focus is to work the busier streets, then start making progress on the residential areas.

"They are on their eighth day of basically 24 hours a day of operation. So they're back at with the normal standard operating procedures for the storms. Emergency snow routes, clear those then we'll move to residential. Typically that won't happen till the snow actually stops falling," says Hackett.

He stressed that In order for crews to clear the roads, vehicles must be removed from the streets. ​