Emergency agencies host exercises, drills to practice emergency response skills

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STANLEY, N.D. - Emergency agencies host exercises of different scenarios in order to stay on top of their game and keep the public safe.

When a flammable or poisonous material becomes a danger to life or to the environment, the Hazmat crew gets called in, but a lot of training has to happen before someone can be considered Hazmat.

"Our guys go anywhere from local schools to across the nation to get up to the Hazmat tech level and we do a lot of in house training. We do stuff like this; drills that help us build our preparedness," says Williston Fire Chief, Jason Catrambone.

Drills like this one are beneficial to the newer guys that may not be familiar with this type of scenario.

"A lot of the guys haven't done anything like this - haven't even had a suit on. It lets them know if they're able to do it. It lets us know if they can do it," says Minot Fire Department Captain, Michael Taylor.

The safety of the public is always the first step, so working together is a must.

"It's going to test a lot of different aspects of what we do as a whole. With a lot of these different entities being here, it's something that we don't get to work with everyday so this scenario brings us all together to do a bunch of things and practice," says Catrambone.

When different emergency agencies have to come together and work as one, communication is key

"The biggest thing is communication, and that's another thing we're going to be testing here. And we're going to be looking at our capabilities, how well we communicate with each other," says Taylor.

Training never stops for emergency personnel. Even if it's not a full scale drill, they're always doing something.

"It's important to do every time we get a chance to do it. It keeps us fresh and it keeps everyone working together. It helps us learn our weaknesses so we can prepare for the future," says Catrambone.

When emergency crews complete full scale exercises, they become more prepared to keep the people safe.

The exercise wrapped late last night and all emergency agencies were briefed this morning.