Election Investigation?

Published: Jun. 18, 2020 at 7:25 PM CDT
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Two primary election candidates who lost their races are saying the state should investigate the election, and if necessary, call for a new one.

Roland Riemers was a primary candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Charles Tuttle was running for the State Superintendent seat. They say they aren't looking to overturn the results, but want the election investigated over how it was carried out.

One week after the primary election, Riemers and Tuttle sent a letter to the Secretary of State requesting that he investigate the election, citing irregularities and abuses of power.

"I didn't get into this to get my name back on the ballot or anything like that. It's my goal to make sure everyone has the right to a free and fair election,” Tuttle said.

"We got too many people whose votes weren't counted for one reason or another. And I think the election on that basis was kind of a failure. And I think it's something the Secretary of State, as the leader of our election process should clearly look into,” Riemers said.

The four-page argument says the process of the mail-in voting system goes against the Century Code; citing Gov. Doug Burgum's Executive Order removing the requirement for a physical polling location in every county. An Emergency Order Tuttle and Riemers call "bogus."

But the two aren't calling for a recount or a redo primary outright. Rather, just the investigation.

"We're pointing out the facts of the breaches of the law. Either we live in a society of laws or we don't. We either have election laws and we use those election laws, or we don't,” Tuttle said.

"We're trying to give voice to those people who were frustrated, whose votes weren't counted during the election, or weren't able to vote at all,” Riemers said.

Despite only calling for an investigation in the letter, Riemers said there are plans to appeal the Election, and will file the paperwork in Grand Forks next week.

We reached out to Secretary of State Al Jaeger, who said he received the letter and referred it to the Attorney General's Office.

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